Senior School from 2023 – Uniform

As we move closer to becoming co-educational, we would like to share with you some very minor adjustments we are making to the uniform from September 2023. These are being introduced to ensure equality and consistency between the uniform worn by boys and girls.

We are very mindful of parent feedback last year on the need for parity, whilst keeping costs to a minimum, and that has been front and centre in our decision making. We are informing you of these changes early, so that you can factor it into your uniform buying decisions for the remainder of this year. The School Uniform Shop are fully aware of these changes and are very happy to help with parent’s questions and queries.

The key senior changes are as follows:

New logo for the blazer

Currently the girls’ and boys’ blazers have different logos. From September 2023, we are moving to a single blazer logo for the whole school. To minimise expense, we will provide your child, free of charge, with a new badge to be stitched on top of the existing blazer badge for September. This will feature the white Spede bird logo currently on the sports uniforms (but without the school name). New blazers will come with the new badge as standard, and students can choose a feminine or classic fit to best suit their shape. Andy Murphy, the Head of Sixth Form, will be working with students on ways to ensure greater prefect visibility, a theme which emerged from the scoping study once new prefects have been established in spring 2023.

Unisex jumper

From September 2023 there will be one unisex jumper for boys and girls. The existing jumpers can be worn until the end of the summer term (July) 2025 when the new jumpers will become mandatory.

Ties and plain white shirts for all

At present ties are mandatory for boys, who wear them with unbranded white shirts, available from either the school shop, or the high street. Girls are currently not required to wear a tie, allowing them to wear open necked, unbranded white shirts. To ensure equality from September 2023, Year 7 to 11 girls will be required to wear ties and shirts with collars, as per the existing Stamford School uniform policy. Girls will also be able to purchase white shirts from either the uniform shop or the high street. Sixth Form girls currently already wear shirts and ties. In the summer months, “short sleeve order” will still be in place, when directed, which will mean ties are removed and short sleeves can be worn.

Choice of skirt for 6th Form

The current uniform mandates that girls purchase a separate skirt for 6th Form. From September 2023, girls will have the option to change their skirt at 6th form, but it will not be mandatory. Girls of all ages will be able to opt for trousers if they prefer.