Co-Ed Transition Afternoons Continue

Our second transition event took place on Wednesday 16th November with afternoon lessons becoming co-educational on the Stamford School site. The school was buzzing with Stamfordian Spirit as the pupils took to their planned activities with gusto.

  • The year 7 students enjoyed a musical afternoon with joint rehearsals for their autumn soiree before moving to history and languages.
  • In year 8 the students took part in a co-ed games afternoon with a round robin of hockey, basketball, fives and netball.
  • The year 9 teams were also in co-ed lessons. Their subjects included DT, Drama, MFL and geography which involved a highly competitive trading game. The teachers become bankers, high net worth commodities were set squares, protractors and scissors, and money was quite literally being made!
  • External speakers from Inner Drive led the sessions for year 10 and year 11. Year 10 looked specifically at studying with the brain in mind, whilst year 11 joined in with workshops in small groups looking at performance under pressure ahead of their exams next year. Both workshops can be found on the Inner Drive website: Studying With The Brain in Mind | Inner Drive and Performance Under Pressure | Inner Drive.
  • Finally, the sixth form students attended a lecture in the SHS Hall from renowned speaker Trever Gordon, relating to inclusion and diversity. We hope all the pupils found the afternoon both useful and enjoyable.