Friday 4th January 2023


School Name

We are pleased to confirm our name from September 2023 will be Stamford School. This is our combined co-educational name from September 2023, comprising Stamford Senior School (11-16) and Stamford Sixth Form (16-18). Stamford Endowed Schools will remain our “umbrella” name, under which will sit Stamford Junior School (2-11) and Stamford School (11-18). Stamford Junior School, which includes the Nursery, remains unchanged.

School Structure from September 2023

ISI Inspection

You may remember we wrote to you in early November to advise that our schools were being visited by inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate for a routine inspection. November’s inspection was a Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI) which looks at the school’s policies and practises to ensure they are compliant with regulations set by the Department of Education. I am delighted to say that all three schools, Stamford Junior School, Stamford High School and Stamford School have met and passed every regulatory requirement. We will publish the reports shortly to our website for your information. Many thanks to all our staff, governors, parents and of course pupils for their support as always during the inspection.

Sixth Form Focus Group

Just before Christmas, a group of Sixth Form students were invited to spend time with Task Space, the refurbishment specialists working with us on the current SHS site, to input into the project. The team from Task Space showed the group designs for the library, common room and coffee shop area. They were invited to give their thoughts, ideas and suggestions of how they can use the space and how it would look and feel. The students were able to give some valuable feedback on the project to the planners and were excited to know they would help choose fabrics, colour schemes and seating styles. The plans include creating commercial style work spaces, much like Universities and other further education institutions, so we start to prepare students for hot desking and working in breakout rooms. The students also asked some great questions regarding tablets, library spaces, work pods, as well as “chill out” zones, hydration stations and much more. The vision is to create a modern, commercial style work space at School for our students so they begin to learn to work flexibly.

Transition afternoon update – January 26th 2023

As you will be aware, an additional bank holiday has been proclaimed on Monday 8th May 2023 to mark the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. This unforeseen closure means we have decided to remove the transition event planned for January so as not to lose another day of teaching and learning in the run up to public examinations.

In addition, we will be postponing May’s transition afternoon to extend the June 29th afternoon into a whole day. Students will be able to meet their new tutors in the morning, and enjoy an afternoon of sport, fun and games with plenty of Stamfordian spirit! We hope to see the Houses come together as they did for the Charity Rock Concert last term. The March transition date will be given over to the Burghley Run which will again be a combined House event.

This week’s priorities

  • Both the timetabling and master site planning are continuing at pace. Both the projects are understandably entwined and will continue over the next few weeks.

What’s next?

  • The pastoral team have a busy half term ahead as we continue with the boarding realignment. The next few weeks involve recruitment for key positions and further planning for September 2023. Further updates will follow.

Keeping you updated

The next update will be issued on Friday 20th January. Copies of these updates will be shared online at stamfordcoed.org so that you can refer back to them as necessary as the project progresses.

If you have any questions regarding the transition process, you can write to us at stamfordcoed@ses.lincs.sch.uk