Friday 4th November 2022


Plans to extend the science block at Stamford School are progressing well. We have appointed a contractor to carry out the work, once planning permission has been granted, and we are preparing the site for when work can begin. This will ensure that safe access routes to Science are planned for students with hoardings being erected, gardens are cleared where necessary; and additional temporary parking planned to accommodate contractor vehicles. Work is also underway with an external design company on the look and feel of key Sixth Form areas at the St Martin’s campus.

Our boarding planning continues apace. This is a complex process which needs time and care to plan. This is a large project with a number of different stakeholders involved, and therefore a comprehensive and detailed review is underway. We will update you when the planning is complete.

The external timetabling consultants are currently putting the finishing touches on the new timetable. As an important, and complex milestone, on which many other decisions depend, we have prioritised giving them the necessary time to ensure a timetable which delivers for students and staff. We have anticipated that larger reviews such as the timetabling, and boarding, will need longer to thoroughly review and have built this into our wider project team planning timeline.

Second Transition Afternoon – 16 November 2022

We are in the final stages of planning for the next transition afternoon on November 16th, building on our learnings from the first session. Please see below the timetable of activities planned:

Year Group (SS+SHS)



Co-Ed Lessons – MFL and music


Co-Ed Games lessons


Co-Ed Lessons – Geography, Drama, DT, Russian


‘Inner Drive’ Workshop – Studying with the brain in mind


‘Inner Drive’ Workshop – Performance under pressure

12 & 13

PHSE Talk – equality, diversity and inclusion – guest speaker Trever Gordon

Year 10 Inner Drive workshop link - Studying With The Brain in Mind | Inner Drive

Year 11 Inner Drive workshop link - Performance Under Pressure | Inner Drive

This week’s priorities

As well as ongoing planning for boarding and timetabling, our focus is on:

Culture – with the first phase of the cultural work now completed by the new Senior Leadership Team, their focus is shifting to the second phase, specifically a workshop booked for mid-November.

Staff wellbeing –We are continuing to support staff well-being throughout the transition process with a variety of initiatives including practical elements like in-school flu jabs. The first pre-recorded staff webinar (on boarding) will drop on the co-ed teams channel launched just before half term at the request from our transition reps early next week.

What’s next?

In our next missive we’ll be able to update you on the timetable and hope to highlight some of the next phases of work which will ensue with that milestone having been met.

Keeping you updated

The next update will be issued on Friday 18 November.

If you have any questions regarding the transition process, you can write to us at stamfordcoed@ses.lincs.sch.uk