Thursday 27th September 2022

Staffing – structure and appointments

Following confirmation of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) appointments, we can now confirm appointments at middle management level.

CLICK HERE to view the SLT Bios

The following staff have been appointed as Heads of Department:

  • Head of Art – Mr J Gosden
  • Head of Biology – Mr G Weeks
  • Head of Business Studies – Mrs S MacAulay
  • Head of Chemistry – Ms M Cox
  • Head of Classics & Latin – Mr A Smith
  • Head of Computer Science – Mr M Hearn
  • Head of Design Technology & Textiles – Mr S Newton
  • Head of Drama (Academic) – Mr J Rushton
  • Head of EAL – Mrs H Chew
  • Head of Economics – Mr L Roche
  • Head of English – Mr M Zacharias
  • Head of Food & Nutrition – Mrs K Wilson
  • Head of French – Mrs C Vie
  • Head of Geography – Mr A Ramsey
  • Head of German – Mr J Youngs
  • Head of History – Mrs S Sharman
  • Head of Mathematics – Mr D Burke
  • Head of Philosophy & Ethics – Ms F Harrison
  • Head of Physics – Dr A Patchett
  • Head of Politics – Mr T Cheatley
  • Head of Psychology – Mrs E Ware
  • Head of Russian – Mrs C Wray
  • Head of Science – Mr N Porteus

With the exception of those Heads of Departments highlighted in bold, (which are already SES wide roles) these roles commence from September 2023, with the current staff structures remaining in place for this academic year.

We are maintaining two Heads of Year for Years 7-11, and one each for Years 12 – 13, for the first year of co-education to ensure students remain well supported by familiar staff through the transition period. These will be as follows:

  • Head of Year 7 – Mrs A Colley and Mrs L Ditchburn
  • Head of Year 8 – Mr D Colley and Mrs E Farr
  • Head of Year 9 – Mr A Blumfield and Mr J Mitchell
  • Head of Year 10 – Mrs R Horwood and Mr B Morris
  • Head of Year 11 – Mrs J Furby and Mrs M Steven
  • Head of Year 12 – Mrs C Charles
  • Head of Year 13 – Miss A Halliday


Currently each school has four Houses, each with its own name and colour. From September 2023, the Houses will merge along colour lines ensuring that each student retains their original House colour, maintaining that important sense of identity.

We are pleased to announce that House staff have now been appointed as listed below. One of their first tasks will be to review House names. We had originally intended to make the House names double-barrelled to preserve the heritage, but they are keen to review all options before making a final decision.


Head of House

Deputy Head of House


Mr D Di Cataldo

Mrs R Nuzzo


Mr R Dexter

Mrs C Pike


Mrs V Wilson

Miss L McKenna


Mrs K Aluzzi

Mr P Turnham

Whatever the house names, we will maintain the same busy programme of House activities, including House sport and singing. We have no doubt that the sense of loyalty and friendly rivalry will remain every bit as fierce as it is now.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of three new Governors who bring a wealth of invaluable experience as we transition to being fully co-ed in 2023.

  • Julia Seary
  • Pritpal Matharu
  • Mark Bennett

Detailed profiles can be found here Stamford Endowed Schools Appoints Three New Members To its Governing Body - Stamford Schools

This week’s priorities

With next year’s management structure in place, working groups are being formed to aid with the next phase of detailed thinking and planning. At this stage, we envisage there being working groups to ensure practice is aligned across the following areas: Sixth Form, Co-curricular, Academic, Boarding, Wellbeing, Rewards and Behaviour.

Culture is also a focus this week as the culture programme gets underway. The first phase sees the 2023 SLT working with a leadership and culture consultant to set a common culture for the merged schools.

Following this week’s staff roadshows focusing on academic and pastoral plans, we are finalising plans for next week’s roadshows on co-curricular and sixth form.

What’s next?

In our next update we will be updating you on the first transition afternoon and busting some popular myths about our plans for next year.

Keeping you updated

The next update will be issued on Friday 7 October. If you have any questions regarding the transition process, you can write to us at stamfordcoed@ses.lincs.sch.uk