Thursday 30th June 2022

Staffing – proposed structure and appointments

Following the staff consultation exercise, we are very pleased to be able to confirm the leadership structure from 2023. A copy of the proposed structure is attached.

We can also confirm the following staff in senior roles:

  • Principal – Will Phelan
  • Head – Vicky Buckman
  • Deputy Head – Nick Davies
  • Deputy Head Academic – Sam McCormick
  • Deputy Head Pastoral – Libby Searle
  • Head of Sixth Form – Andy Murphy

These roles commence from September 2023, and the current staff structures remain in place for next academic year. All of our colleagues across teaching and operations will be closely involved in our ongoing planning during the course of the next year. Please take a look at the organisational structure here.

Key dates

Below are the key dates for planning milestones and communications until the end of the autumn term. Further key dates and details will be published in the Autumn.



Summer holidays

  • Work begins on the creation of additional toilet facilities (LMS). (Further facilities will be developed during summer 22/23)


  • Work commences on developing and refining a single culture for SES

Monday 26 September

  • Transition programme commences (first afternoon of six)

October Half term

  • Outline timetable produced and shared, including details of shape of school day

End October

  • Finalisation of boarding plan
  • Finalisation of Rewards and Behaviour plan
  • Full transition programme until June 2023 published
  • Outline for the Sixth Form day
  • Finalisation of tutoring plan

End November

  • Planning application for additional science labs submitted

End of autumn term

  • Finalisation of wellbeing plan
  • Classroom masterplan
  • Sixth Form masterplan

Pastoral team

Following discussions with the pastoral team, we will retain two Heads of Year for all year groups in 2023-23, in order to provide additional support for students during their first year in a co-educational environment.

This week’s priorities

Staff consultations are now complete, and we have commenced a series of staff briefings to share more detail on proposals around academic, pastoral, facilities and Sixth Form plans. Staff have been invited to work closely with project leads, and share and discuss their ideas and suggestions. This is already underway, and will be a focus for the next stage of the planning process.

What’s next?

Planning work will continue throughout the summer holidays, not least by the Operations and Estates teams, who will be working on the first phase of new toilet facilities, and who will continue development work with our architects on plans for the new science labs, among other key projects.

Staff training in September will also have a clear focus on briefing staff on plans to date, seeking their input into planning over the next year, and supporting them in preparing for the transition.

Keeping you updated

The next update will be issued after the summer holidays on Thursday 8 September. Copies of these updates will be shared online at stamfordcoed.org so that you can refer back to them as necessary as the project progresses.

If you have any questions regarding the transition process, you can write to us at stamfordcoed@ses.lincs.sch.uk. Please note that answers may be delayed during the holiday period.