Friday 28th April 2023


Pastoral Update

Pastoral care is the support and guidance provided to students in their personal, social, emotional and spiritual development, with the aim of helping them to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. At the Stamford Schools, we have a dedicated team of pastoral staff. This includes our Heads of Year, Student Support Managers, School Nurses, School Counsellors, the Chaplain and Form Tutors, who work closely with teachers and other school staff to create a supportive and inclusive school culture. Our pastoral structure for September 2023 is shown below. The teams have been restructured to ensure all students at Stamford receive the same pastoral care throughout their time with us, with the additional role of a Student Support Manager for each year group from September.

We are pleased to confirm we will have small tutor groups from September 2023, which will be set in houses. This will enable tutors to offer strong pastoral care and dedicated time each day, for each student. Setting tutor groups by house will enable each student the opportunity to add breadth in their friendship groups, as well as building a strong house community. Academic lessons will not be set in tutor groups, but in the same way as they are now either in consistent groups for lessons in the lower years, then in ability or option choices as they move through Key Stages.

Pastoral Structure

Transition Events for Parents

Thank you to those parents who have responded to last month’s invitation to parents to either tour the Stamford School St Paul’s site with senior leaders, or to meet with Mrs Buckman. We have now sent dates to those parents who showed an interest in the first round. If you have not yet registered your interest, please do so below by responding to the options to either tour the campus, to meet and greet with Mrs Buckman or to do both. We will then be able to roll our more events after the May half term.

Sixth Form Updated Visuals

We are pleased to share the confirmed CGI’s of our Sixth Form space which will be home to our Year 12 and Year 13 students from September 2023. TaskSpace have been tasked with creating a calm and inviting space for students to both study, relax and learn with input from the students and we are pleased with the outcomes. Work will start on the St Martin’s Site fully once term ends in July.

Sixth Form Visuals

Uniform – White Spede bird badges for blazers

We advised last autumn that we would be moving to a single blazer logo for the whole school. To minimise expense, we will provide your child, free of charge, with a new badge to be stitched on top of the existing blazer badge for September. This will feature the white Spede bird logo currently on the sports uniforms (but without the school name). To ensure you get these in plenty of time, we will be sending these out via students before the May half term. They will come home in bags and a School Post will be sent the day before to advise when to look! The School Shop will also have spares and will be able to advise on sewing services and top tips. All details will be sent in a separate communication but will be with parents by May half term.

Combined Head’s update from this week

As we race into the start of the summer term, our work in the Schools for the co-educational merger is in full swing. Mrs Buckman is now spending time at both Schools, getting to know the St Paul’s campus and the Stamford School students whilst continuing to keep a careful eye on the High School with the support of Mr Murphy and the team. With that in mind, Mr Davies and Mrs Buckman will be sharing their weekly Heads’ Round Ups together. We hope that by jointly sharing the wonderful work of our teachers and students each week, you will see how together, we are Stamford. The first one was sent via the weekly digest yesterday (Thursday 27th April) so please do take a look.

Burghley Run

The annual Burghley Run was held just before the Easter break and is a wonderful event for all Stamfordians. The rain held off as the entire school gathered to enjoy the event, the largest in the school calendar, with over 1,600 students joining in. For those not aware, the Burghley Run has taken place since 1932 in the park, with inter-house races taking place long before this in different locations around Stamford. The Burghley Run captures the very essence of Stamfordian Spirit; turn up, join in and have fun! From Sixth Form students helping reception children at the start, to cheering parents and house colours aplenty, this fantastic event captures the spirit of our school and how co-educational events inspire and motivate.

Burghley Run Round Up

Keeping you updated

The next update will be issued at the end of May. Should you have any questions between now and the next update, please do email the team via stamfordcoed@ses.lincs.sch.uk

All copies of these updates will be shared online at stamfordcoed.org so that you can refer back to them as necessary as the project progresses.