Our first Co-Educational transition afternoon

Our first Co-Educational transition afternoon took place on Monday 26th September. It went well with students taking part in mixed events across our campuses.

The students took part in a variety of team building activities including den building, quizzes and a scavenger hunt for the younger years, and a more open forum discussion of ideas and thoughts for our older pupils. Staff not with students dug into the Insights profiling as part of the work to build strong cross-school teams and departments.

During the afternoon, the Principal spoke with the Year 10 students about what they can expect next year. Although the need for academic continuity in a critical year means their academic lessons won’t be affected, they will still experience significant benefits, whichever site they are on: the introduction of new pastoral spaces; greater pastoral support; a new timetable giving them more time with their teachers in their final GCSE year; amalgamated co-ed Houses and co-curricular opportunities.

In response to some useful feedback, we are revisiting our plans for the next transition event in November to bring a greater academic focus, particularly for those in Year 10 upwards who are in the middle of exam courses.